Get More Viewers To Your Facebook Live even

Get more Viewers to your Facebook Live Event

You will get much better results from your Facebook Live events if you have a high number of viewers. There are various ways that you can use to increase the view count of your events and we will cover three of these in this article.

These tactics are easy to implement and will certainly help you to increase your audience numbers. We recommend that you use these methods for all of your Facebook Live events. When you have more viewers you will increase your chances of driving more leads and sales.

Know what your Audience wants

It is really important that you know your audience. You need to know what problems they have within your niche. If you ask your audience what subject matters they would like you to cover they will usually tell you willingly. By giving your audience what they want you will definitely improve your view numbers.

Facebook users like attending exciting live events. So it is essential that your event is around a subject that they are interested in. You can ask them directly what they want, conduct a survey or just research online the issues that people are facing in your niche. When Facebook users see that your event will answer their most burning questions they will be a lot more likely to attend.

Schedule your Facebook Live Event and then Promote it

Building anticipation for your upcoming Facebook Live event is a very good tactic to get more viewers. Rather than just go live straight away with your event, we recommend that you use the scheduling feature within Facebook for up to seven days in advance. This will give you time to get your promotional efforts into full swing.

When you use a conventional Facebook post you have to publish it first and then promote it afterwards. You do not have the opportunity to build anticipation around your post. Facebook Live allows you to build anticipation, and by scheduling your event in the near future you can use the available time to get the word out about it.

A good way to promote your upcoming event is to publish a series of posts on your Facebook page telling your audience about it. Make all of your posts different by including different aspects of your event in them. It is not a good idea to use the same message about your event over and over.

There is no need to confine yourself to Facebook to spread the word about your event. If you have other social channels then use these to promote your live video. If you have a list of email subscribers then notify them as well.

Time your Event to attract the most viewers

If you choose the wrong time for your Facebook Live event you will seriously reduce the number of available viewers. So you need to research the best time to run your event when your audience will be around. Take into consideration times when your audience will be working and when they will be sleeping. Running your event at these times would be a disaster from a viewer number perspective. If you have to run the event late your time to accommodate your Facebook audience then you must do this. You need to put their needs before yours

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