Facebook Live Benefits For Your Business

Facebook Live benefits for your Business

A lot of businesses are now experiencing great results by using the Facebook Live platform. they are taking advantage of the power of video marketing to get their message across to Facebook users. There are numerous benefits for businesses when using the Facebook Live platform and we will cover the main ones in this article.

It’s possible for you to reach the largest social audience world when you use Facebook Live. no other social platform comes anywhere close to Facebook in terms of the number of users that they have. Facebook users log into their accounts most days and usually spend at least 10 minutes on the platform.

You can Interact with your Audience

One of the most exciting features of Facebook Live is that you can interact with your audience. There is a very limited degree of interaction available with a prerecorded video or a standard text and image post on Facebook Postal when you have a Facebook Live event you can communicate with your audience in real time.

People like to know that their voice is being heard and when they receive almost instant responses to their comments during a Facebook Live event they will feel that you are taking their opinions seriously. Facebook Live interaction is a great way for you to build trust with your audience.

To be successful in business you need to develop KLT with your audience. This stands for no, like and trust. Facebook Live is one of the ways that you can do this as your audience will see you and you can respond to them almost immediately.

If you use Facebook Live properly then you can easily build up your KLT very quickly. This is not easy to achieve with ordinary text and image posts on Facebook prerecorded videos. With a good Facebook Live session you can make your audience feel like they are having a one to one meeting with you.

Promote your Facebook Live Event when it has finished

After you have finished your live event, Facebook will save a recording of it and automatically post it to your Facebook page. this provides you with the opportunity to promote your recording two people who could not attend the live event.

Facebook will provide you with a link to your recorded event that you can share with other Facebook users as well as other social platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and so on. If you have an email list you can send out an email to your subscribers letting them know that you have just finished recording a great live event. Be sure to include the link to your event in the email.

Facebook provides great Analytics

It is essential that you know what is working and what isn’t with any form of digital marketing. Facebook has a very good range of analytics that will tell you how well your Facebook Live events are doing.

You can see how many viewers you had to your life event and what the peak numbers were. You can also see or the reactions for your live event. This includes the number of comments that you received, the number of shares of your live event and other useful reaction metrics. The analytics will even show you the total reach of your event.

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