Drive More Leads And Sales With Facebook Live

Drive more Leads and Sales with Facebook Live

You want to use your Facebook Live events to drive more leads for your business and generate more sales. It is important that you use the right approach to achieve this. In this article we have some great ways for you to maximize the number of leads and sales that you can generate from your Facebook Live events.

Announce Promotions and Discounts in your events

Yes, this is an obvious thing for you to do, but you would be surprised how many businesses that run Facebook Live events never mention their promotions or discount offers. Make sure that you always do this with your Facebook Live events.

Don’t go overboard with this. You do not want your events just to be ads. If your audience perceives that your events are just going to be one long advertisement for your products and services then you will not get many viewers.

Do you have a free offer that would really be of benefit to your audience? If you do then tell them your audience it during your event. It’s a good idea to warm up your audience by telling them that you have something exciting to share with them a little later in the event. This will get them excited and also help to keep them watching your event.

Facebook users like discount offers and they often look for events that contain these. So never be concerned about telling your audience that you have a discount offer for them. Tell your audience that the only way they can obtain the discount offer is to attend your Facebook Live event.

Get people into your Sales Funnels with Prompts

Before you hold your Facebook Live event essential that you set up a sales funnel. During your live event you can use prompts to steer your audience into your sales funnel. Your sales funnel needs to capture email addresses so that you can follow up with people that join your email list.

Tell your audience during your event that you have a valuable gift for them that they can download and benefit from. Give them a link to your sales funnel so that they can enter their email address and received their valuable gift.

It is always a good idea to tell your audience what you are going to cover in your live event. Successful Facebook Live events always include value for the audience in the beginning, and then they will pitch an offer that is related to the subject of the event. You can build anticipation about your offer at the start of your event.

The best way to prompt your audience is to ask them questions. You can really get them excited about your event and your pitch by asking them questions such as “type ‘yes’ in the comments if you are excited about what I’m going to share with you” or “if you want to know how we can make your life easier type ‘yes’ in comments”.

Always have a Strong Call to Action

During your Facebook Live event you need to tell your viewers exactly what you want them to do. Never assume that your audience will know what you want them to do. Have a strong call to action which makes this very clear.

After your event Facebook will post a recording of it on your Facebook page. Be sure to add your call to action to this post. It is also a good idea to add a new comment which guides people to your call to action.

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